Tiredness and fatigue are not the same thing!

Tiredness is short term. It relates directly to a late night or over exertion.
It goes as fast as it comes. Fatigue is different. It lingers and hangs over you like a suppressing cloud. It’s a heavy exhaustion that stops you living your life.


  • Short term
  • Alleviated by rest
  • Still have energy
  • Muscle ache and pain
  • Difficulty concentrating


  • Always there
  • Wake up tired
  • Difficult to concentrate
  • No energy
  • Exhaustion

Whilst it may be common to feel constantly tired, it isn’t normal.  

Over a long period of time fatigue can sap your enthusiasm and energy for life. You can do something about it, now.

Your local pharmacist is the only health care professional you can see without an appointment.

Longer hours and weekend opening means that finding time to take a test is a quick and simple as popping to the shops.

Alphega pharmacists are all specially trained to help identify what medical factors could be causing your fatigue and advise on the right fatigue test for individual customers.  Their clinical training also means they understand the optimum levels of supplements and companion minerals for effective treatment.

The Alphega Fatigue Service offers local communities an easy way to tackle the issues of tiredness and fatigue quickly and conveniently.

What’s you get

A personalised report – analysed and prepared by one of Medichecks qualified GPs

The expertise of the UK’s top pathology laboratories with the latest consumer technology

Professional and accurate results that you can trust

No wasted time or delays booking an appointment or waiting for results

The blood test you want, when you want it

If you’re looking for a convenient and easy way to take a blood test then Medichecks tests, available from selected Alphega Pharmacies, may be the answer.  Convenient, easy to access and expertly overseen by qualified GPs. Get back to feeling your best fast.

If you feel you are dragging yourself out of bed every morning despite getting a solid night’s sleep or your standard response to the question; How are you? Is “Tired.” then you could be suffering from fatigue.

Whilst it may be common to feel tired all the time, it certainly isn’t normal, and over a long period of time fatigue can sap your enthusiasm and energy for life. 

You can do something about it, now.